Visit Cass County

Welcome to Cass County...

The meeting of the Wabash and Eel rivers seems to have set the tone for the way things work in Cass County because partnerships thrive here. Two rivers connect for an uncommon show of nature. Schools and businesses truly interact and work together to benefit students. Civic entities and industry cooperate for economic development. Organizations and citizens work to provide the colorful leisure activities that make a municipality a hometown. City and county departments plan the best ways to provide a thriving park system and recreational opportunities.

In Cass County, one plus one adds up to a lot more than two. The people have found a way to build bridges to each other's needs and to the areas future.

Security, traditional values, beautiful countryside--these have universal appeal to families and businesses. Add an atmosphere of encouragement and support for those establishing a business. Then include government entities that actually cooperate. You'll see that it's all here in Cass County, nestled in one of the prettiest regions of north central Indiana.

Family life is cherished and nurtured. Kids can learn beyond the classroom and enjoy a myriad of enrichment opportunities for little or no cost, thanks to outstanding park programs and year round recreational offerings. Schools back up classroom activities with civic support in special programs, sports and the use of the school buildings. Without a doubt, Cass County shows a true commitment to children with the care and support given to the school system.

When the yearning for bright lights strikes, Indianapolis and Chicago are not far, and other major towns are as close as forty miles away.

When a community is described as bustling, it often means it's just busy. Cass County bustles, but here it means much more. You'll find energy, direction, and activity that respects a spirited approach to living. These people make the most of a beautiful region by focusing on quality of life. Simply put, it's a good place to raise a family, grow a business, or establish a career.
The people of Cass County are justly proud of their community's colorful and prosperous past. Today they have ensured that the area's history has been carefully preserved and will serve as a touchstone for the future.